Google 's Organizational Environment At Google Essay

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Google is a global corporate search engine, known for internet-related services, various advertisings, and products. Students of Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1997. The fundamental driving force that shapes this company’s organizational environment at Google is, the innovative influence on the way society thinks, works and behaves. As well as the impact it provides on education, technical generations, and global businesses within the virtual world. Google Company is dedicated to consumers by advancing the level of interface and knowledge viewed through the internet. The culture, structure at Google is ‘the people’. The vision shaped is one common goal, to seek ambitious, driven innovators from all walks of life who is comfortable sharing their views, creative ideas and opinions. There is a well diverse community at Google, but it does not come without its challenges. Google is committed to redefining their recruiting strategy. Google is on a global search to design a team of competitive, creative and qualified candidates in a diverse environment. In 2015, Fortune Daily magazine listed Google number one on the roster of the ’50 Best Global Companies to work for’. “The highly desirable tech behemoth receives 61 times as many applicants as they have existing jobs” (Fortune Daily). Google has pride their success of the company based on the Google family; the employees. Their ability to identify a vision and develop it effectively takes

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