Google 's Organizational Structure And Organizational Culture

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Organization Structure
Organizational structure is the framework around the different groups which is organized. It is like a manual that tells your organization and the customers how the organization operates and what is obtained in order to keep the business moving towards success. Structure gives the customers a clear guideline on how to proceed and binds them together. It is important to deal with structure when the organization is developing and think about the flow at the beginning when the organization has begun. As an organization grows, changes, and takes on challenges, so should the manager and the groups that are willing the take on the tasks.
The organizational structure of the organization that I have selected is Google. Google is very original and takes on technology while others do not. Google understands their organizations structure and how to innovate their organization. Google knows how to embrace the reality that they can use the internet to conduct any type of business that they possibly can. According to Panmore Institute, “Google’s success is linked to the effectiveness of its organizational structure and organizational culture in supporting excellence in innovation. The company’s organizational structure is not conventional. Google’s organizational culture is not typical because if emphasizes change and direct social links within the firm.” (Panmore Institute, 2016).
Google is a billion dollar company and will not be able to function…
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