Google 's Organizational Structure And Organizational Culture

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Organization Structure
Organizational structure is the framework around the different groups which is organized. It is like a manual that tells your organization and the customers how the organization operates and what is obtained in order to keep the business moving towards success. Structure gives the customers a clear guideline on how to proceed and binds them together. It is important to deal with structure when the organization is developing and think about the flow at the beginning when the organization has begun. As an organization grows, changes, and takes on challenges, so should the manager and the groups that are willing the take on the tasks.
The organizational structure of the organization that I have selected is Google.
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They need people in different departments working on different projects to ensure that each department is doing their jobs and working towards the success of the organization. Google has technology and other devices all over the world, and in order for this organization to succeed, the organization needs to have managers who are able to manage teams that can lead them towards the long term goals that Google has set. Managers are the ones that make the mission statement and they are responsible for hiring and also managing the employees. They are the ones that need to carry the mission statement and make sure that all employees understand and work hard towards reaching the goal of the mission statement. By having a designated person to be in charge of these duties, it makes sure that everyone is on the same path as the organization.
Growth is a factor that impacts an organizations structure. Google is an organization that works hard in challenging what they do so that they can become much larger than other organizations. Google’s organization will continue to become larger, and each structure becomes harder to arrange which allows the decision making process to become slow. When the decision process is slow, this makes the company slow down as well as production to slow down, and business to shy away. Each department within Google has their own way of doing things which allows them to work together so that they are all
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