Google 's People Management Division On The Topic Essay

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Executive Summary
This case discusses the research, implementation, and review of Google’s people management division on the topic “Do Managers Matter?” Starting as soon as the early 2000’s but coming to full steam in 2009, Google’s people analytics group initiated a research project, deemed Project Oxygen, to investigate if and how management style would potentially affect employees. Through lengthy data collection, Project Oxygen members discovered that a certain eight management characteristics resulted in a noticeably larger gain in efficiency and overall happiness of subordinates. Google’s internal reviews proved exceptionally important, as the culture instilled through the founders is inherently different than other large corporations, as is the relatively flat organization structure. By taking the previously stated eight characteristics, implementing feedback surveys, and providing courses for low scoring areas, Project Oxygen members were able to cultivate improvements in each manager’s ability, not only in their Mountain View headquarters, but globally. These improvements were not without hesitations. Nevertheless, the results and implementation of Project Oxygen resulted in drastic increases in the overall management rating. Google was not only able to determine how managers do matter, but were able to develop managers beyond their current performance. This success of Project Oxygen inevitably prompts the question of what other projects can cultivate improvements

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