Google 's Performance Friendly Work Environment And Lack Of Fear For Failure

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As we all know, Google is a dominant force in the technology world and has been for years. One of the main reasons for Google’s success is their innovation friendly work environment and lack of fear for failure. With company slogans such as “Don’t Be Evil” and “Do the Right Thing”, it’s no wonder why Google has such a huge consumer following and brand loyalty in today’s culture. Undoubtedly, Google is constantly working on new ventures, both known and unknown. However, a few of the known ventures has the possibility to be capitalized on, changing the way we interact with technology as a whole. Currently, Google’s Android software dominates the global smartphone demographic with over 80 percent of the market share reported in 2015. To its continue success, Google should simply continue to do what it does best which is providing an experience to the smartphone user that cannot be experienced on any other device. When you ask the Android user what they like most about their device over the competition, they mostly reply with the abundance of options Google provides. Compared to the competition, Google offers the customer a huge selection of devices to fit every need and price range. If a customer wishes to have a simple device able to send email and text messages for under $100, there is such device, with multiple choices to choose from. Also, the Android software itself is unmatched in the eyes of the Android user. Unlike Apple’s iPhone, which is the main competitor, Android

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