Google 's Work From Home Policy Essay

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Before Facebook and Gmail became a popular way of social media, we as a younger generation used Myspace and of course the famous Yahoo Messenger. We would use Yahoo Messenger to keep in contact with our friends and family and even meet new people. In recent years, Yahoo has become known for its fantasy football and search engine. In order to stay competitive in today’s markets, Yahoo has to constantly stay ahead of the trend. Marissa Mayer, CEO, decided to make a bold move by abolishing Yahoo’s relaxed work from home policy, which did not sit well with several employees. To pull off such a move, Ms. Mayer had to carefully manage the company to handle the sudden change. So let’s take a look behind the scenes of Yahoo, Ms. Mayer, and how she is guiding the company into the future. The abolishment of yahoo 's work from home policy influence employees’ motivation by making them work as a team. Because they will be physically together, employees will feel like a team. Employees also have a better chance of forming friendships with co-workers when they work in the same space. In addition, working in the same space will help produce collective ideas since co-workers will be able to share ideas over lunch or breaks. Also, it establishes loyalty and trust among its employees making them more committed. In doing this, employees are more likely to keep company information private. Before Marissa Mayer took over as CEO, Yahoo had a work-from-home policy allowing their employees to do
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