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Individual Assignment no.2


Course Title : Product and Service Innovation[BIZ3182]
Instructor : Sung Joo Bae, Assistant Professor
Student name : Su Hyun Yoo, #2008122320
Submission date : Oct/5th/2010


In September 24, 2008 T-mobile G1 was introduced to the market. Some are saying that Google phone may be more of a game changer from an industry perspective. Will it be successful in the smart-phone market?
Google’s main source of revenue has been the advertising products based on the internet. Some may ask why did dive into the mobile phone industry with the huge risk. The reason is that their business model in based on the internet, and
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For example, forking, loyalty, and warranty issues are all posed by its openness. 4. NOKIA IS MAKING A MOVE ; Strong competitor ‘Nokia’ is launching same business model with same vision * Nokia is a strong competitor like apple, but more dangerous because of its huge power in telecommunications market. 5. CARRIER ALIGNMENT means the resistance from the operators who are afraid of them losing their control over consumers. The carrier losing their control over consumers is a natural progress of changing market environment. There was no such model like ‘app-store’ which consumers can participate in. Now the rule of game changed, and I think they have nothing to do besides taking in the change.

Analysis of options 1. About the ‘openness’, Google can take 3 motions- do nothing, lessen the openness, or modify the openness. If Google pose nothing to the current problems, there is high risk that the system may get marred or lose its competitiveness due to losing qualified developers. If Google tries to lessen the current system’s openness, it’s like losing its own competitive edge, and losing the company’s vision. 2. About the competitor, Google can take 2 actions – hostility or friendly. If Google takes hostile action to Nokia’s move, as most companies did in traditional market, it would go through bloody competition and lose some pie of the market.

Recommendations 1. Modify the current openness
- Empower the
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