Google's Business Environment Case Study

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Question 1 The following are the seven segments of a general environment: Economic, Physical Socio-cultural, Global, Technological, Political/Legal, and Demographic. In firms such as Google, it is necessary to scale down the total environment due to the enormous complexities associated with such a business model. This division of labor is useful in planning large-scale corporate strategies. A general environment is an objective and impartial view of the situation. Question 2 Google should conduct an environmental analysis according to sound business management strategy There are four ways of conducting this analysis according to the text. These approaches include: Scanning, Monitoring, Forecasting and Assessing. These tasks should be completed in every environment and sub-environment within the scope of the business' objectives and scope. During these processes threats and opportunities will be revealed and compiled to help forecast and plan the firm's internal actions. Specifically, Google should look for exploitable and untapped markets to continue their upward momentum. Question 3 Google is in a precarious situation in today's global market place. It has a near monopoly in many places in the world on information making this firm both necessary and troublesome. As a result, many are out to ensue Google does not usurp all the power in the world, and threats have arisen to present new challenges in the political world, the legal realm and the economic marketplaces that

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