Google's Business Level Strategy Essay examples

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Business Level Strategy

Google currently pursues the generic business level strategy of differentiation. Google offers many unique products and services to many different kinds of customers. By offering so many distinct products and services, Google is able to achieve a competitive advantage.

The Google web search engine, the company’s most popular service, offers users a more reliable way to search. Google’s web search engine has differentiated itself from competing search engines by utilizing a patented system called PageRank. PageRank delivers search inquiries by computing a recursive score of web pages based on the weighted sum of the PageRanks of the pages linking to them. This means that relevant web pages can be
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and 61 percent of global internet searches. Customers continually use the Google search engine because of its simplicity and reliable search results. When it comes to the online advertising business, Google’s AdWords is also top notch. Google has a 69 percent market share of the online advertising market. (, 2008)

Google’s Life Cycle Stage

Google is currently in the growth stage of the industry life cycle. Google has been able to maintain a period of rapid growth since the search engine took off in the 1990’s. As stated earlier, the slow internet connections of the 90’s helped Google to attract customers due to the faster load time of the site. The search engine was able to retain customers as well as draw in new customers because the search engine was simple, provided better results, and loaded faster than competitor’s search engines.

In the growth stage, the importance of control over technological knowledge as a barrier to entry has usually diminished making the threat of potential competitors generally highest in this stage. However, this is not the case for Google. The Google search engine’s unique technological makeup has made it nearly impossible for new competitors to enter and compete in the market.

Google has been able to maintain rapid growth over such a long period of time because they are driven by innovation. Google is innovative in many ways. In particular,
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