Google's Code Of Conduct

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Google is the type of company that stands behind the statement “Don 't be evil.” Generally when those words are heard when involving a business, people tend to think about how well the customers will be served. While that 's certainly a part of the statement it isn’t the entire meaning. To Googlers it 's about providing users with unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and giving them the best products and services that they can. (“Google Code of Conduct,” n.d.) Google 's Code of Conduct is built around the notion that everything that 's done in connection with the work at Google will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct. Google is committed to the highest of standards for a few reasons. It helps them hire great people, build great products, and attract loyal users. Trust and mutual respect are two key elements that help build the foundation of success for Google and its employees. Some of the things that can be found on Google 's Code of Conduct include elements such as integrity. Google expects their employees to hold up their reputation. Google wants to be known as a company that its users can trust, and it 's up to the employees to make this happen. Another element of their Code of Conduct is usefulness. Google is a service and goods producing company, which means that Google expects their products, features, and services to be as useful as possible to their users. Google recognizes that they…

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