Essay on Google's Core Competences

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Core competencies and capabilities of Google:- • Glocalization – think global, act local Google is available in 160 different local country domain and 117 languages. While Google is available virtually everywhere there is internet access but operated in only 20 countries. Google is still working to establish a significant business presence in places such as Middle East. As they are expanding their operations and hire their first employees in another country, that part of Google feels like a startup. They have started with the idea of eclipsing the impact of Google itself while focusing on more philanthropic causes. Though they are working on extremely tough problems in difficult locations, they have made significant…show more content…
Source: Vise & Malseed(2007) (taken from e-bay and.pdf & GOOGLE CASE.pdf) • Innovative technology It is a fact that in the current stage of technological development technology gets mixed up with business strategy, and it has become more important to figure out what are the technological foundations that support competitive advantages. The evolution of Google’s business model was leveraged by a more sophisticated search technology, which distinguished the company from other competitors. Google’s first strategic move was guided by the assumption that Internet users were more interested in natural results than in advertisement results. Such a clue allowed the company to create new value for its customers: Internet users and companies interested in online advertising. Moreover, Google’s business model also contributed to the company appropriating value at a first moment through AdWords (inside Google’s Web page) and at a second moment through AdSense distribution channels (AdWords service inside third parties‟ Web pages). Google‟s core competency is based on the technology used in the search service, capable of offering benefits previously unknown, it can be said that the refinement of such a competency also contributed to the company‟s business success, since the more refined it becomes, the more attractive Google‟s search tool is, since Internet users will be more confident that they will find almost any item of information they may be looking
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