Google's Marketing Strategy

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Introduction Since its inception in 1998, google has globally focused on improving ways in which people are able to get information through their innovative web searches and advertisings; its core mission being "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." (google inc.2012). Marketing strategy Over the year 2010 and 2011 google has had a tremendous growth especially with the unabated offline to online shift by its consumers and advertisers. One of the factors which has contributed to effective strategy implementation is the fact that they have an extremely talented work force and leadership team that emphasizes on innovation, flexibility and simplicity (Robert & Lussier N., 2012). Huge investments in businesses like mobile, enterprise and display as well as innovations in search technologies notably google instant, place search, and instant previews have also enhanced the expansion in terms of speed delivery and relevance of search results. Moreover, investments to obtain services, companies and products like android, google books and chrome have strategically helped to maintain the trust, effectiveness and high recognition of this global brand (google); therefore, proves how it has successfully grown. The main areas that google focuses on in order to generate revenues include: advertising, search tools, enterprises and platforms and operating systems. However, like any other business, google has faced some challenges including

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