Google's Motivational Techniques

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Company Motivational Profile-Google Corp.
Since the start of Google, it has been a tremendous time for Internet surfers. Larry Page, a PH.D student at Stanford started by as a research project in January 1996 that ended up as Google’s search engine. Larry was in search for a dissertation theme, among other things, exploring the mathematical properties of the World Wide Web and understanding its link as a hug graph. Soon after Page and his partner Sergey Brin began exploring the web with their web crawler; which was dated March 1996. The location for the exploring was at Page’s own home page. On September 7, 1998 they successfully and formally incorporated their company, to Google, Inc. at a friend’s garage in California. By the end of
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Everyone can see and hear everyone. There is no formal hierarchy in the company. This set up encourages everyone to share his or her ideas and views, as there is no fear of loosing the job or making the upper management happy.
As Liane Hornsey the HR director at Google said, "HR here at Google is genuinely different from anywhere else,"(Vorster, 2007). Google looks for innovative people when hiring. They want to do things differently and creatively. To achieve that they have to be immensely careful as they don’t necessarily look for youth but they look for vibrancy. Google has a policy of a dress down day when all the employees wear casual clothes. This system makes all the managers more approachable as all the employees look similar.
Leaders and managers at Google seek to ensure that new hire feels special from the moment they join the company. Google’s welcoming activity has a warming impact on the new employees, “Noogler.” Orientation day at Google is a unique experience. First, Nooglers are provided with information on benefits, coupons for a free massage and discounts for a car wash. At the end of the day, their mentors escort Nooglers to their work areas where they are greeted with welcome balloons and a bag of chocolates.
Google has been known for their unique intrinsic motivation strategies. As Eric Schmidt the director of Google puts it “unleash the nerds and make sure they take their mission personally” ’20 percent time’ is the most popular key
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