Google's Penguin And Hummingbird Updates

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If you’re an Internet marketer, you must know the power of “anchor text” in search engine optimization. Although this is a commonly-used phrase, many marketers are yet to discover what it really means after Google 's Penguin and Hummingbird updates. Anchor texts are a crucial part of SEO and strongly impact your search engine ranking. If you use it correctly, you’ll witness your rank climbing higher on a daily basis. If you use it without thinking, you might notice your organic search traffic disappearing overnight or be penalized. In this post, I’m going to explain what anchor texts are all about and how you can optimize them for a well-performing website. What is Anchor Text and Why is it Important? Texts that are linked to another…show more content…
This will help you create a link profile consisting of a diverse range of organic anchors. Learn all about the different types of anchor text below: • Generic anchors – As the name suggests, generic anchors are normal anchor texts like “click here” or “go here." For example, in the sentence “Click here to get your free eBook," click here is the generic anchor. • Branded anchors – A branded anchor is any anchor that uses the brand name as text. These are the safest to use unless your website is an exact match domain. Well-known brands and sites like Best Buy and Moz have the highest number of branded anchor texts. Review these images to see detailed data regarding branded anchors for the two sites mentioned earlier: • Naked link anchors – These are the anchors that link back to a site by simply using the URL. For instance, and are both examples of naked link anchors. • Brand + keyword anchor – Using brand and keyword anchors is another safe and effective method for building a strong anchor profile. This is basically a combination of your brand name and your choice of keyword. For instance, “SEO services by Moz” is an example of a brand + keyword anchor. • Image anchors – To diversify your anchor profile even further, you should consider using image anchors. In an image, Google reads the “alt” tag as an anchor text. Leaving this blank
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