Google's Research And Development

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Google Technology In this essay, I will analyze five Google technologies that are currently under research and development, Google’s research and development efforts are ahead of anyone in the world. Providing a better way of life for everyone. With-in the following paragraphs I will be providing an overview of the Self-Driving Automobile, Google’s Project Wing, Google Glass, Google Fiber, and Renewable Energy with their Sustainability Solutions initiatives. Also, with given a brief description of each, I will propose a few recommendations for improving and enhancing these products, discuss some of the ethical and moral issues, security and/or privacy concerns related to each technology, and if any steps can be taken to address any of the…show more content…
to pass legislation that will allow this technology of driver less cars to operate on their roads. Nevada’s DMV issued the first license in May of 2012. Overcoming this challenge is not going to be difficult with some states already onboard it is just a matter of time before they all will be onboard. This is all based on the success Google will have in the states that have agreed to allow a driver less car, if they start having issues then so will Google with implementing this project. This project has great positive attributes especially to the elderly that need to get around and are now limited to taking a bus, train, or airplane to go anywhere, with this technology they can simply get in and go. Now to address some of the negative aspects of this technology, society as a whole has the possibility of being over dependent on technology and if there were ever to come a day when a system cliché in this system it would possible shut done entire cities. A potential positive environmental impact is that almost all these vehicles will be electric and there is a great positive outcome with this. A negative environmental aspect I stated earlier with the over dependence of technology and the possibility of the transit environment being shut down. Addressing this concern is having these vehicles serviced maybe more frequently then possible anticipated. After reading the article “The Moral Case for Self-Driving Cars” by Ronald Bailey, my
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