Google's Success Strategy

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Google has a number of key strengths on which to draw. The company has an exceptionally strong balance sheet, with barely any debt and nearly $50 billion in cash (MSN Moneycentral, 2012). The company also has a high level of internal competency, in particular with respect to technology and the company has been attracting top talent from competitors for years (No author, 2005). The company's brand name is exceptionally strong as is the YouTube brand. There are few weaknesses at Google the company's inability to succeed with its social media strategy is a negative mark on its record that indicates perhaps Google is not almighty, but the rest of the evidence suggests that it is pretty close. For a company with the resources and capital of Google, there are near limitless opportunities. One major opportunity that is seldom discussed is that now that Google has established the leading market share in mobile operating systems with Android, there is a massive market in laptops and desktops for a new operating system. This is a major market just waiting for a new competitor. Google has targeted social networking, and despite the failure of Google Plus, the company can still find a way to develop new social networking projects. The major threats to Google come from new entrants and new technologies. While Google is dominant, the industry moves quickly and Google needs to keep ahead of new entrants in order to avoid losing that dominance. One current product strategy is Android.
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