Goose Creek Performing Arts Center

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Goose Creek Performing Arts Center has adapted Lewis Carroll’s story Alice In the Wonderland into a hour and half long play. The students was a combination of junior and seniors. On November the 8th, 2015 I attended the play which was directed, by Dorothy Smith.
The play began with Alice (Sara Goodman) reading a book by a riverbank and just as she became bored and sleepy. The White Rabbit ( Daz’Cha) randomly appears fearing he will be late constantly checking his watch. Alice (Sara Goodman) is curious so she follows the rabbit and falls down a hole a loud, slow and whiny sound is heard until she lands. Once she lands she’s in the magical world with weird creatures and people. She began to eat and drink things that changes her size but she still can’t fit through the garden door. As Alice (Sara Goodman) began crying she drowns in her own tears which is displayed by a water sound and waves in the background. She finds the rabbit’s house but once she fans herself she scares the rabbit because of her size. Then she came across the Caterpillar (Joseph Mohlenhoff) with a green face and enormous costume who she seeks advice from. But under one condition Alice must recite pottery however she is unable to. Alice (Sara) comes to a house in the woods where the Cheshire cat (Lalia Auld), Duchess (Aysha Stevenson) and ugly baby (doll) and cook (Madeline Sidoti) tells her to attend March Hare tea party (Meghan Byrne). She goes to March Hare house (Madeline) where the mad Hatter (David…
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