Gopro And Contour Essay

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In the action camera world, there are two big names: GoPro and Contour. In the last year, the action camera market has exploded, marked by the proliferation of cheap action cams and, more recently, by the entrance of major brands such as Sony. However, in the shadow of the big boys, there is a little known action camera that has a big offering...

The Crocolis HD Action Camera

At $149.99, it significantly undercuts the competition in terms of price. The GoPro Hero 2 retails for $299 and the Contour+ retails for $499.99. GoPro is the market leader for a reason. It offers superior picture quality and a comprehensive line of accessories. The Contour offers advanced features, such as Wi-Fi streaming, but comes at a premium price tag. However, there is a compelling argument to be made for the Crocolis HD Action Camera. It offers more features in a more complete stock package for half the price of the GoPro hero 2 and less than
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Not water resistant, water proof. This means you can take it surfing with you in Indonesia, sand boarding in the deserts of Peru and it will withstand the tough conditions of a dirt biking in Australia. The locking mechanism, the gasket and the lens all feel very sturdy and inspire confidence. The forward facing slim rectangular profile means this is much more aerodynamic and less awkward than the flat box shape of the GoPro series.


The action controls necessary while mobile are easily accessible on the top. The playback controls and the settings line the bottom of the action cam underneath the 1.5″ LCD. This is a major advantage over the GoPro Hero 2 and the Contour+ that do not come with a viewing screen.

Ports & Inputs

Flip open the top locking mechanism and the screen folds over to reveal all the ports and inputs. This includes the battery, SDHC slot, mic-in, mini-HDMI port, mini-USB port, TV out and the charge indicator.
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