Gopro Line Extension

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Solid foundations have been laid in the emergence of your entity and relationships are expanding your awareness throughout. The efforts will all become useless if we are left stagnant in our maturity. Our goal now is to extend the life of the business and continue our relevance. Many companies are eager to promote line extension, but it has received some negative backlash from statistics that show it may intentionally hurt sales. Line extension is often seen as being innovative since they are adding new products or services in which they think will only expand the horizon of their brand. Some precautions are to be noted with extending to various other offerings. People tend to be less accepting of companies who produce a plethora of items that have little to no relation to the other. An extreme example of this would be a company…show more content…
Loosing focus can take us from any stage of the life cycle directly into decline. If you are afraid the business might be derailing from its initial focus, look back on what differentiated you from your competitors. Often, the unique qualities that are possessed intrinsically relates to the successfulness of the entity. Additionally there is an alternative to finding focus, which is owning your industries category. When the defining word of your organization is heard, consumers should envision your brand. The word is distinct when it is simple and easy to remember. Video recording company GoPro, manufactures compact recording devices that target travelers and photographers. The epicenter of GoPro is adventure, and it is echoed through new products, advertising and vision. Before establishing your chosen word, we must remember not to choose a previously owned word. Trying to utilize a word that has successfully been promoted by another company only reiterates the initial founder. The rule reinstates the importance of differentiation once
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