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Gordon Biersch Case Questions: 1. Identify the key factors responsible for the success of Gordon Biersch to date. What concerns, if any, do you have as the company looks ahead? 2. Evaluate Gordon Biersch's organizational alternatives to realize its growth ambitions. Recommend a course to follow? 3. Evaluate Gordon Biersch's efforts to raise outside capital. What would you have done differently? 4. Which offer, if any, should Gordon Biersch accept? Why? How should they proceed? 5. Assume for discussion purposes that Lorenzo Fertitta's proposal is the preferred option. What are the key issues for Gordon and Biersch to negotiate? What positions should they take on each one? Table Of Content: Case Summary…show more content…
The fourth site was Pasadena in 1993 which was more challenging due to its further location and was not an immediate success. Gordon Biersch attributed the sluggish start of this site to the low visibility of the location. However, this did not stop them from moving forward and in November 1994 Gordon Biersch opened in Honolulu which quickly became the top-grossing restaurant in Hawaii. The next project was bottling Gordon Biersch signature beer and retailing it. This had three biggest challenges: this project was entirely Gordon’s baby and demanded time and attention; secondly the freshness of the bottled beer versus the freshly brewed was an issue for which they decided the beer would have a shelf life no longer than three months. Thirdly and the most exciting challenge was the head-to-head competition with other microbreweries and premium beers. Despite the tough competitive environment, Gordon Biersch aimed to achieve 11% of the market in three years (by 1996). This retail venture required huge investment, thus they decided to start small to prove to the investors that they could pull it off. Gordon Biersch had extensive growth plans of opening over 100 restaurants across the nation with in 8 to 10 years. However, the growth they envisioned demanded a lot of time, dedication and expertise. They debated upon three different organizational approaches (1)

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