Gordon 's Model Assessment For My Immediate Family

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Gordon’s Model Assessment for My Immediate Family

Coping-Stress Tolerance Pattern: Flora’s family cope with stressful life events in two ways: being involved in any Christian activities (praying to God, attending church, etc.) and speaking with family, friends, and the church pastor for consolation. The family has no history of chemical abuse such as alcohol and drugs. The strength the family has to help counterbalance any stress is having strong support systems through church, work, community, and extended family. One common major stressful family situation is constant flooding at their current home that results in frequent power outages and destruction of household valuables due to hurricanes and heavy rainstorms; this happens about two or three times a year. The family sees stress and children’s health and development as separate. Stress is more of an individual concern and children’s health and development is more of a family concern which involves, for example, annual physicals. The family makes appraisals of a stressor by praying to God for things to get better which is realistic because it is part of a Christian custom to have a spiritual communication with God. The family resources consist of having an emergency life fund, a separate bank account untouched unless a traumatic event occurs, cars, computer access, phone service, etc. Due to the rise in technology, the family is able to link with other family or community resources through computer via social media,…
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