Essay on Gordon's Functional Health Pattern Assessment

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Gordon’s Functional Health Pattern In 1987 Marjorie Gordon proposed a functional health pattern as a guide to establish a comprehensive nursing data base. A comprehensive family assessment provides a foundation to promote family health (Edelman and Mandel, 2001).There is 11 categories that provide a systematic and standardized approach to determine the aspects of health and human function. By interviewing the entire family it becomes possible to determine the functional and dysfunctional (or risky) behaviors for the individual and well as the family as a whole. I began my interview by first creating and then asking two open-ended questions from each of the eleven functional health patterns. This tool was utilized in helping me to develop…show more content…
The mother and father take home prepared food to work. They also enjoy a night out alone twice a month and eat off the healthy menu. They all drink plenty of water. When it comes to sleep patterns they are all very different. The father sleeps like a “rock”. The mother is a light sleeper and wakes up frequently though out the night. She worries periodically about her children, finances and ill parents. The son sleeps well and takes regular one hour naps after work. The daughter seldom gets more than six hours of sleep due to her after work social life. The entire family denies and bowel or urinary issues. The have regular and daily bowel movements and understand the importance of a high fiber diet and water intake to promote intestinal health. They do not have any issues with hematuria, pain or difficult urination. It was obvious when asking the family about the importance of exercise how crucial it was to their daily routine. The daughter however has become less involved again due to her social activities. They all belong to a gym and the mother and father have been regular competitors in various events over the course of their marriage. The mother, father and son spend at least one hour every day exercising by doing a variety of cardio classes, yoga, weight training and outdoor sports. They are very active at work, in their community and with church activities. In the cognitive and
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