Gordon's Health Assessment

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Running Head: Assessment of a Family 1

Using Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns in the Assessment of a Family
Se La Vie
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V Family-Centered Health Promotion
28 August 2013

Assessment of a Family 2 Health promotion continues to be at the center of healthcare today. Through the use of Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns, a foundation is formed in the gathering of information by the assessing of an individual and family in order to identify lifestyle behaviors and patterns.
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Time and schedule determined what type of activity the
Assessment of a Family 4 family was able to participate in. The husband stated that he loved to work out and also had a membership at a gym. He works out at least four times a week and ensures that some type of cardiovascular exercise is a part of his regime. The wife stated that she had a membership to a gym also but was unable to attend no more than three days a week. The wife currently suffers from a disease called fibromyalgia which causes pain to radiate throughout her body. This causes her much discomfort and most of the time, rules out any attempt of physical activity that would cause an increase in heart rate. Due to both husband and wife serving in the Armed Forces, pains in their bodies have become part of their everyday life. They are both receiving treatment for their ailments but need several prescribed medications in order to either function or have a normal day of life. Their pain causes them to limit certain everyday activities and tailor what it is they can and can’t do. Their ailments range from issues with their backs, knees, and ankles, to that of migraine headaches. Recently, the wife of the house was diagnosed with arthritis in both her knees and also in her lower back. This has placed a limitation on various activities
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