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As nurses working in the healthcare profession we have the responsibility to protect every individual and the population as a whole as a whole susceptible to certain diseases. Preventing and reducing illness is as important as dealing with the effect. Nurses work with other healthcare professionals to address the factors that cause people to become susceptible to certain diseases and help them through a combination of educational and environmental supports for actions and conditions of living conducive to wellness. Nurses are part of the answer because they are well equipped to interact with our community in ways that encourages choices and openness to decisions that have a more positive impact on lifestyles and health outcomes`According…show more content…
The first level of health promotion prevention is aimed at keeping disease from ever beginning or a trauma from ever occurring example including immunization, reducing household hazards, motivating abstinence from smoking, reducing risk from heart disease. The primary prevention program aspire to reach the largest residents in a given community or group of people who might become at risk for a given health problem such as occupational asthma which became one of the most common occupational lung disease in industrialized country.
The secondary health promotion prevention involves the early detection and early intervention against disease before it is fully developed screening program are prime examples of secondary prevention efforts.
Tertiary health promotion prevention takes place after disease or injury has occurred and seek not only to prevent deterioration and complication from a disease or injury but also to rehabilitate and return the patient to as full physical, mental, social function as possible.
The Affordable care act of 2010 was the first ever to establish National prevention, Health promotion and Public Health Council when recognizing the need for new key national focus on disease prevention. This plan can only
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