Gorilla Extinct Reaserch Paper

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The first recorded gorilla sighting (by western civilization) was in the 5th century B.C. by a Roman Explorer. Now every day nearly hundreds of gorillas disappear because of an unnatural death. This death is nothing mysterious, but is caused by poachers that trap these gorillas and kill them simply for their hands and sometimes even their heads. Besides that even construction and agriculture take the homes away from gorillas that were especially set aside. For these reasons’ gorillas are disappearing rapidly and must be taken care of. The western lowland gorilla is listed as an endangered species. Others are Eastern lowland, and Mountain Gorilla.

A population of endangered
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When gorillas beat their chest, they are usually showing intimidation or a display of power.

Even though these precious animals are being killed people still like visiting and seeing gorillas! An hour visit in Africa with gorillas costs about $120, with a maximum of six tourists visiting each habituated a gorilla group a day. It can take several hours to reach the gorillas through the dense, mountainous jungle. Safaris start at $3,000. Tourism generates a great deal of money for Rwanda, Uganda and Zaire and helps protect other species as well as the gorilla.

The physical characteristics of gorillas are:
Height: Male’s 5'6" upright, 4'6" normal stance. Females 5' upright, 3'6" - 4' normal stance.
Weight: Males 300-500 lbs. Females 150-250 lbs. Babies from one to three years weigh between 20-30 lbs.
Arm Span: Up to 9'2'' (one male specimen).
Color: Black or brown-gray fur with black skin on chests, palms and faces. Red heads are common in Cameroon gorillas especially. Males develop a silver back as they mature.
Stance: Gorillas are quadrupedal. They walk on all fours with the soles of their feet flat on the ground and the knuckles of the hands curled and planted on the ground.
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