Gorilla, My Love, By Toni Cade Bambara

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Bad Behavior In the short story “Gorilla, My Love”, Toni Cade Bambara invites us to get to know a little girl named Hazel’s personality and experiences through a first person narrative. The setting of the story begins with Hazel navigating a map while her grandfather, which she refers to as Granddaddy Vale, is driving. Throughout the story we see Hazel’s unruly actions through the many recollections she presents. One of the recollections she expresses takes place in a movie theater with her little brother, Baby Jason, and her older brother, Big Brood. She discusses how they walked to the theater and saw that a movie titled, “Gorilla, My Love” was playing. Judging by the title of the movie they assumed it would be about a gorilla, but it turned out to be a religious movie. The disappointment of seeing another religious movie angers Hazel and her brothers and that is when we are truly introduced to her fiery personality. She begins to cause a scene and her brothers get her to speak to the manager and demand her money back. When that doesn’t go well she steals a book of matches and burns the candy stand (Bambara 142). Throughout the story she discusses how adults are always disrespecting and lying to her. The many instances shape her rebellious personality. One thing you will realize in this story is Hazel’s attitude, and how her family contributes to it and why she thinks her actions are justified. One of the biggest demonstrations of Hazel’s attitude is when she
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