Essay on Gorillas in the Mist

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A) Gorillas in the Mist is the non-fiction story of a Kentucky woman's experience living among the wild gorillas of the Virungas Mountains. The conservation parks that she worked in are located in areas that cover parts of the three African countries of Rwanda, Uganda, and Zaire. Dian Fossey was inspired to devote her life to these primates by the famous anthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey, who funded her research. Through her stay in the wild terrain Dian soon thinks of as home, she educates us on gorilla society and why it is so vital to protect them. Her research helps bring understanding to the social structure of these endangered animals. Diane succeeds in persuading you to deeply connect and care for the mountain gorillas on a whole…show more content…
A younger silverback was often born within the group, and would assume responsibilities of the dominating one once he became too weak or died. Dian's studies proved to us that a gorilla family was unlikely to survive without its dominant silverback to protect them. This allows people to view gorilla society as a somewhat organized structure. Dian helped us connect even more to the foreign primates by focusing on the different habits of mother, baby, and adolescent gorillas. Giving each gorilla a name, Fossey helped us almost humanize the animals through her vivid descriptions of their personality and behavior. She showed us that gorilla mothers protect, care for, and discipline their infants. Gorilla babies develop much the same ways humans do; acquiring skills as they age. Adolescents can be just as curious as they are mischievous. Fossey's work helps replace the image of the gorilla as a ferocious animal into one that is kind, gentle, and more human-like that we had never known. Much of the book is spent talking about the many poacher patrols that Dian and her staff goes on in order to prevent the illegal poaching that occurs within the park. Hours of her time are used up cutting down traps and tracking down poachers. During one year of her stay, a group of poachers kill a silverback gorilla in one of the groups Dian was studying. The group is eventually known to have fallen apart, further enhancing the fact that
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