Essay on Gorman Case

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This case in particular is a clash between two cultures; the modern medicine culture of Linda Gorman and the traditional cure lu Mien culture of Mrs. Saeto. Before casting judgment on who is right and who is wrong with regards to Marie, it is important to decode these two particular cultures so we can distinguish the differences between the American culture and the lu Mien culture; considering upon reading about the burns, most if not all Americans would agree that this curing practice is barbaric and abusive. Every culture comes with stories, symbols and world views; and often times they are in disagreement. For instance, at the heart of the lu Mien culture is the theory of animism, “the view that the world is inhabited by spirits that…show more content…
This ethnocentrism is evident when Linda ponders her own cultural insensitivities towards the lu Mien culture, reflects on her own cultural assumptions about pain infliction with regards to immunizations, and wonders whether it is child abuse concurrent with the American law, however; keep in mind, it is a normal practice in lu Mien culture to burn children (Hachen, n.d.)

I have come to the conclusion that if an individual wants to work in healthcare they must respect cultural differences of all patients they come in contact with. Outside of the burns, Marie is in wonderful condition; she is healthy, well feed and thriving. Before noting the burns, Linda would consider Mrs. Saeto as a truly caring and compassionate parent, and it is further validated by her desire to make Marie healthy; although by means that are highly scrutinized practices in the American culture. It would be my recommendation to talk with Mrs. Saeto about her curing practices and suggest alternatives in modern medicine that would provide less harm to the child; all while remaining culturally sensitivity to Mrs. Saeto. The last thing Linda needs is Mrs. Saeto to feel disrespected as a patient by rejecting her culture and way of life. And it is not within Linda’s power to force someone to assimilate to the American way of life. Keep in mind, Mrs. Saeto already
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