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I am very excited about the opportunity to join GoSparc and to become a Marketing and Public Relations Intern. I am an internationally minded and self-driven Masters graduate in the field of corporate communications and marketing with hands-on experience in (corporate) communications, marketing, social media and content creation.
I am inspired by the opportunity to work with international, talented and passionate people who take pride in what they do and to contribute to GoSparc in the field I am also passionate about, particularly marketing and public relations. This internship allow me to work in the automotive industry I am also passionate about in the innovative company, which provides out-of-the-box services. Therefore, GoSparc has an idea culture in which to pursue my goal to become an innovative professional in the field of marketing and PR within automotive industry.

My education and my internships where I was involved in managing (digital) corporate communications have prepared me for working in the dynamic environment of digital communications and marketing. My Masters program at Erasmus University Rotterdam was focused on digital media, marketing and communications. Several courses that I have taken, such as ‘Corporate
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Among all, my responsibilities included creating various types of content, responding to users’ quires and concerns and managing relationships with marketing partners, such as media and educational institutions. Moreover, I have a hands-on experience in managing corporate communications channels for media including websites with around 130 000 unique visitors daily and social media. This practical experience was gained during my studying, which also illustrates my ability to meet deadlines, juggle multiple priorities, and maintain a professional work

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