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John or The Gospel of John is classified as a narrative genre. The Gospel was written between 70 and 100 A.D. (Hindson & Town, 2013; Smith, 2002). The authors is thought to be John, son of Zebedee. There is only one reference to the author “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (21:20-24). The theme of John for Christ’s divine identity is conveyed through the seven metaphors. It tells of Jesus speaking of his Divine identity as the “bread of life” (6:35), “the light of the world” (8:12), “the door of the sheep” (10:7), “the good shepherd” (10:11), “the resurrection and the life” (11:25), “the way, the truth, and the life” (14:6), and “the true vine” (15:1). The gospel was written to express the truth that “you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God” (20:31). The book talks of many events, a few of the major ones would be the feeding of the
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He is believed to have lived to 100AD. John was raised in a fishing village on the Sea of Galilee and in his early life he was a fisherman (Mark 1:17–20). John and his brother James were among the Twelve Apostles in the New Testament. He is most likely thought to be the unnamed disciple of John the Baptist who was mentioned in John 1:40. He is most likely the author for the Gospel of John, three epistles, and is the author of the book of Revelation. He was one of three who were with the Lord at the raising of Jairus’s daughter (Mark 5:35–42), at the Mount of Transfiguration (Matt. 17:1–9), and in Gethsemane (Matt. 26:36–46). In his own writings he refers to himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved (John 13:23; 21:20) and as the “other disciple” (John 20:2–8). (Austin Cline, 2015, WEB) Jesus referred to him and James his brother as Boanerges, “sons of thunder” (Mark 3:17). He is referenced many times in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Luke 22:8; John 18:15; 19:26–27; 20:2–8; 21:1–2).When John was banished to Patmos, he authored the book of Revelation (Rev.

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