Gospel Of Luke Research Paper

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All of the Gospels have a special and important message within them. It is the Gospel of Luke that today’s Christians need the most though, due to the message that it holds within it. It seems as though todays Christians seem to have lost the understanding that G-d loves everyone and that Jesus came and died for everyone. In the Gospel of Luke, the main focus of it is that Jesus is for everyone. This can be seen in many different aspects of the Gospel, all the way from when Jesus was born in the barn to His resurrection when it was stated that He is the “Son of Man” (Luke 24:7). Luke was written by a Gentile Christian who intended this Gospel to be read by other Gentile Christians of that time. Just by these two things it can be seen that…show more content…
It seems like that in today’s world the rich look down on the poor and the poor think that the rich are stuck up. This message is set perfectly clear in Luke, and it takes very little to no interpretation needed to see what is trying to be said. In the Gospel of Luke, at the time that it was written, Jesus was already known to be powerful, so when He was born in a barn (Luke 2:7) it started the connection with the poor, also when the Shepard’s showed up to meet Jesus when He was born (Luke 2:16), with no gifts it also showed this connection to the poor. Then later on in the Gospel it can be seen that Jesus does go to the rich to help them, but He also goes to help those who are less fortunate then most (Luke 7:11-17). It is little things like this that keeps the central theme of Jesus is for everyone alive and true. It is possible that if the rich treat the poor better or the poor treat the rich better, then the in the long run both groups would see each other equally. So if when Luke is being read, this message could be understood, accepted, and applied to everyone’s lives, then everybody would be on the same level when it comes to Jesus. Then Christians would be able to understand that, as stated so many times already, Jesus is for everyone and then live among one another…show more content…
Modern Christians could be the ones who make the first step in making that change, and even though it may not fix the whole issue, it can make a very large impact on it. The three things that were mentioned here are not the only issues that the Gospel of Luke can help change, but these were just an example of them to show just how powerful Luke can be. In every situation, it came down to the same thing, that Jesus is for everyone; so why don’t modern Christians try to do just that and treat everyone
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