Gospel Of Luke Wealth

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In the Gospel of Luke, heaven is signified by Jesus’ Kingdom and can be entered even by those who sin as long as they repent their sins. Jesus informs human beings that in order to enter his kingdom, you must be a righteous person at the time of death. The themes of love, wealth, and poverty embrace Jesus’ teachings. He states explicitly that you must love thy enemy like you love thy neighbor in order to be allowed into Heaven. You must bless them, care for them and when stricken on the cheek you must offer up the other one. In order to love thy neighbor, Jesus tells human beings that they must, “[take] pity on him”(Luke 10:35 25-37). Rather than ignore a half dead man like the Priest and Levite, you must be merciful in order to, “‘love your…show more content…
He tells humans that, “each tree is known by its own fruit”, implying that you are loved by Jesus through your actions rather than your possessions. Any man can do good to someone who does good to him, but only a good heart can produce good treasure. The theme of love continues to connect with the themes of poverty and wealth throughout the Gospel of Luke. Rather than being contempt with a life full of greed, Jesus wants you to share your wealth because, “you cannot serve both God and Money.” In order to enter the Kingdom, you must do things for others rather than yourself. If you do what is righteous you will be blessed and repaid in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus pronounces in chapter 12 of Luke that, “a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” No matter how much wealth you have, you are no different than a man who has nothing if you are not kind-hearted. Chapter 12 of Luke ties back to the golden rule stated in chapter 6, line 31; “do to other as you would have them to do to you”, If you want to enter Jesus’ Kingdom you must share your wealth rather than build a bigger barn and take life easy. If you become choked by life's worries, riches, and pleasures then you have not retained the word of Jesus and you must not have, “a noble and good heart”, therefore, you cannot enter Jesus’ Kingdom because you have ears that do not hear. The theme of love connects
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