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Gospel Presentation GLST 220 Liberty University Online Vickie Henry February , 2015 Gospel Presentation Background Information: The young lady I intend to present the gospel to her name is Hee KyungLee. We have recently became neighbors. She is 35 and from Korea she lived in South Korea until she was 20 where she came to the states to live. Hee’s religious…show more content…
That didn’t she want more out of her life? Or more precise a life after death? This gave her a means of listening and learning that there is a God that offers her a life that would be so marvelous that our human minds cannot perceive all the beauty of worshiping God forever. Cultural Value Orientations: Hee’s cultural values are still dear to her but living in the U.S. and being convicted by the Holy Spirit she recently started questioning other aspects of her own life after death. She began to question me about my beliefs in God. This took me to several different passages to show her the plan of Salvation and how to obtain it. Hee has opinions on her after life. She believes that once you die you will be reborn into another body which brings out the belief of Reincarnation) or they enter a place called Nirvana. I remarked to her the only way to be reborn is through Jesus Christ and that means you have to repent and ask for forgiveness only by him before you can know that upon death you will receive eternal life and that you will live forever in heaven with Him. Presentations: In presenting the gospel to Hee opening my Bible to Genesis 1:1 it says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” This means there was nothing to this world until He created it. We have a purpose for our lives. By God creating man and woman in the Garden of Eden where all they were commanded to do was to rule over everything on this earth.
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