Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament

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Matthew is the first Gospel in the New Testament and is often considered to be the bridge between the Old Testament and the New Testament. It was once thought to have been the first written Gospel because of it being placed before all others, but that belief is not widely held (Hahn, n.d.). Just like much of the rest of the Bible, no one is truly sure who the author or authors of the Gospel of Matthew really were (Hahn, n.d.). While is it generally thought that Matthew, one of the Apostles of Jesus, was the author of the Gospel of Matthew the only clear historical data that we have to substantiate this comes from the Bishop of Hierapolis(BLB, n.d). Papias was the Bishop in Phrygia around the 2nd century who collected information concerning the bible through oral methods. Because of this, there is some doubt as to the credibility of the Bishop’s sources (“Papias”, n.d)
Matthew is known also as Levi in the bible and was often called Matthew, the tax collector (“Matthew”, n.d.). Matthew was called on by Jesus when he was seen at a tax collection booth and was told to join by Jesus (Matthew 9:9). It was at this point that Matthew left his position as a tax collector, or publican, to become an Apostle of Jesus Christ. It is believed that Matthew was the fifth of the twelve original disciples of Jesus which can be ascertained by reading the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew and in it, chapter four describes how Jesus walk through the land asking those he chose to follow
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