Gossip Girl : A American Dream Through Its Key Theme Of Class Aspiration And Social Mobility Essay

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Gossip Girl also promotes a lavish American Dream through its key theme of class aspiration and social mobility. People’s understanding of class stems from how the media portrays the different classes. Many TV shows distort perceptions of class by not accurately representing the middle class. Shows such as Modern Family are intended to represent a blended, complicated, middle class family. However, the struggles of that modern family, are never monetary, which is not accurate to the middle class. As Juliet Schor explains television’s constant and inaccurate depictions of wealth, “inflate the viewer 's perceptions of what others have, and by extension what is worth acquiring-what one must have in order to avoid being "out of it."”(Schor). Furthermore, Gregory Mantsios argues, that rarely, if ever, do TV shows acknowledge the working class or lower class. In fact, the show The Working Class (2011) was cancelled after only one season because of bad ratings. Gossip Girl is also guilty of misrepresenting class, however they do this by making the upper-middle class seem like the lower class. As Chuck Bass says in episode 104, “Everyone out there wants to be us. We are what you aspire to”.
The show primarily idealizes a privileged lifestyle by bashing on the lower class. This can again be seen in the treatment of Dan and Jenny. The show encourages its audience to view Dan and Jenny Humphrey as average, put-upon, middle-class teens. The other characters continually define Dan and
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