Gossip Girl Is An American Teen Soap Opera Based On The Book Series By Cecily Von Ziegesar

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Penn Badgley, who plays Dan Humphrey in the hit TV show Gossip Girl, recognizes the negative ideals displayed by the show that launched him to fame. Gossip Girl is an American teen soap opera based on the book series by Cecily von Ziegesar. The show welcomes viewers into the exclusive, luxury world of the wealthy and connected as they try to live their lives despite the drama that comes with their power, reputation and wealth. The story follows Dan Humphrey, the so-called lonely boy and Brooklyn outsider, as he tries to fit in with the privileged teens who lead turbulent, exorbitant lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Gossip Girl has been a controversial show since it first aired. The Parents Television Council continually…show more content…
Ultimately, the privileged Upper East Side lifestyle is a metaphor for the American Dream. While the show presents this lifestyle as the goal, it also suggest that like the modern day American Dream, it is unattainable. While Gossip Girl was intended to mock immoral societal values, the plot actually romanticizes materialism, ego and moral corruption to create drama and viewer interest. The character of Blair Waldorf exemplifies consumerism and obsession with material items. Blair is known as the Queen Bee of the Upper East Side. She is intelligent and talented but competitive, egotistical, and ruthless. She defines herself by others’ perceptions of her. Most of all she is known for her fashion, everything she wears is articulately planning and exceedingly pricey. As she says, “Fashion knows not of comfort. All that matters is the face that you show the world”. Although her shopping exploits would be considered excession by many normal Americans, as sociology professor Evan Cooper points out, the show never condemns Blair for being frivolous and extravagant. The continuous reference to and display of designer items, expensive vacations, luxury cars and parties contributes a “brand-name” culture (Pattee). Media texts such as TV shows are known as unofficial socializing agents. Media should not shape our societal values and view of the world, but nevertheless they do. (Bindig). “Media operate as ideological state

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