Gossiping About Masked Strangers

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One day, my friend and I were gossiping, and as we walked down the hallway, we pointed to every person we layed our eyes on and whispered, "Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake." I giggled at our secretive insult, but I lost focus for a second. In my head, I imagined a mirror. I saw myself - a girl with a big smile painted across her face. Then, this girl pointed to her own reflection. "Fake."

Every day, my eyes scan this stupid place called "high school" - a dark tunnel I never find light at the end of. Here's a list of people I see:

1. Attention whores
Girl I Hate Number One with Girl I Hate Number Two, and their little hater-ettes following close behind. What's so great about them? It's obvious everyone loves them; no one hates or even dislikes these bitches. But, the way they act on the outside doesn't cover up what's on the inside: rude, bitter hatred. No one sees beyond this. They are viewed as the most gorgeous and fun girls ever. Ugh.

2. Miss High School Burnout
The druggie-alcoholic, yet still popular-as-ever, girl. I have no idea how someone with zero morals gets so many friends. Clinging to her is her little freshman slave (premature attention whore to the max) who everyone also likes, though I don't know why. The only thing Mary Jane talks about is how high and wasted she gets. All. The. Time. "Last weekend was killer - shots after shots after shots... Super baked right now... Up in the club with drinks and joints." How does no one get tired of

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