Gothic Arches Versus Romanesque Arches

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Thesis, Argument Outline, and Evidence In the late 12th century the Romanesque period of style morphed into the Gothic period of style. The Romanesque period was characterized by the following: thick walls, barrel/round arches, supporting groin vaults, and thick buttresses (Calkins 1998, 110). The Gothic period was characterized by the following: thin walls, pointed arches, stained glass, and flying buttresses (Icher 1998, 20-30). During the early medieval years, the use of thick walls in building a church or cathedral was not only to create a stable monumental building but to help protect the building during wars or battles. Building thick stone walls also helped protect the building from “incendiarism” which tended to happen frequently…show more content…
Which created a range of magnanimous feelings and emotions that added to the spirituality of going to church. Saint Denis cathedral, located near Paris, is a wonderful example of how cathedrals were being built in the Gothic style in order to create a sense of awe and wonder. The bishop at the time wanted to have a church that “specifically represented his role and his spiritual and/or temporal power (Icher 1998, 35).” After he built the new and first Gothic cathedral many other bishops in surrounding areas felt that they needed the same, a new cathedral rather than their old Romanesque churches. Thus, spreading the Gothic style cathedral into other areas of Europe. Gothic characteristics have been transferred throughout Europe also by ways of the commercialization of religious pilgrimages. Whenever a new cathedral was built people would flock to it to see the outstanding and lavish building. And when those on the pilgrimages went home also brought with them a glimpse of the Gothic architecture, which then led them to using the influence of the Gothic period in their construction of churches (Anderson 1985, 45). Bishops were very competitive about the size of their cathedrals, which may explain the beginning construction on the Beauvis Cathedral, that was never finished (Calkins 1998, 241 & 308). The Beauvis Cathedral was supposed to be very tall and be very ornate in design. The only sections finished on the cathedral were

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