Gothic Architecture Style

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Introduction The Gothic revival and Italianate are two architectural style which both appear in Europe first and spread to south Australian during the early colonial and Victorian era. The gothic revival style was point out by the emergence Gothic Revival movement happened in England at 19th century, and then the popularity of this kind of style rise rapidly. The basic theory of this style is associated with the philosophical movements. It aimed to re-awake the sense of high church and against the religious nonconformist. In parallel, this kind of style spread to Europe, Australia, south Africa and American. the popularity of it also grew rapidly in those places. The Italianate style represent a kind of classical architecture, and it also grew to become a popular style in 19th century. Britain is also the place where the Italianate style get first developed in 1802 by John Nash. after that, the popularity of it declined in British. However, the style turned to varies into different forms and spread to northern Europe and British empire including Australia. The two kind of styles of architecture both came from British and make effect on the establishment of the buildings in south Australia. However, because of the own characters, colonization and the local situation, the gothic revival made more effect on non-residential architecture in south Australia than the Italianate did during the early colonial and Victorian. This essay will discuss the history of the colonization of
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