Gothic Cathedrals, Compare and Contrast Two

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Gothic Cathedrals

The Gothic style has been the root for some of mankind’s most beautiful works of art. It was introduced by the Romanesque style of building. Romanesque style only lasted for nearly one hundred years before the Gothic style replaced it entirely. Abbot Suger was the founder of the Gothic style. One great form of Gothic architecture was the Notre Dame de Chartres cathedral that was built in France between 1145 and 1513. Another form is the Bourges cathedral, located in Bourges, France. Both works of art show extraordinary style and detail. Although similar in many ways, they both have different features.

The Gothic style architecture began around 1145. Cathedrals styles were changing from round arches to
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The Notre Dame de Chartres was used for meetings, concerts, and religious plays. It was the only indoor space that could hold all of the towns’ people. Most importantly, the Chartres cathedral was used as a place for worship. The Bourges cathedral was dedicated to Saint Stephen and was also used as a place for worship. In the construction of each of these cathedrals, sculptures were created to represent scenes and narratives of theology and mysticism. Both architects wanted to create a place for worship in their towns. By adding the detail of sculptures and paintings that portrayed religious images, the architects demonstrated gratitude for the Christian religion. Both the Notre Dame de Chartres and the Bourges Cathedral exemplified great technique and exquisite detail from each of the architects. The Notre Dame de Chartres and the Bourges Cathedral were creations for the Christian communities. During the Middle-Ages, Pagan religions were beginning to diminish and the Catholic faith began to prosper. Both of these cathedrals are representations of the Catholic faith and the cathedrals were renown in their societies. Over the years, both cathedrals have seen many structural grievances. Each cathedral has been able to uphold its true meaning and value. They are examples of a historical time period that changed architecture for years to come.

Unknown. Bourges cathedral. At the end of the 12th century: an
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