Gothic Elements In Carmilla

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In the novel Carmilla written by Sheridan Le Fanu the setting when the crash happens at night expresses the gothic aspects of the book and the character development. Carmilla is a gothic story that introduces Laura, a young teenager who suddenly develops a relationship with lovely Carmilla who is exposed to be a vampire. The gothic aspects are developed by the note Carmilla’s father receives from the General, the moonlight in the night, and the strange isolated location where Carmilla lives
On the night of the crash, Carmilla’s father receives a letter from General Spielsdorf who he was expecting to see in days coming. The letter that is received is about the General’s daughter Bertha and how the General had lost her due to unexpected illness. In the letter, the General mentions how he is going to devote his life to finding the creature that is responsible for this and when that happens kill what was is responsible. “I devote my remaining days to tracking and extinguishing a monster. I am told I may hope to accomplish my righteous and merciful purpose” (Le Fanu 250) Death is a gothic aspect and even more the death of Bertha is unexpected and unnaturally occurring which brings out the gothic aspect even more. The General suspects that a supernatural force killed Bertha as well which is another gothic aspect. The General’s character is developed through the letter because this is foreshadowing what later happens when the General puts a stake through Carmilla’s heart which
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