Gothic Elements In Dracula

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'It was a dark and stormy night…' We all love a good ghost story or horror film, and these forms of entertainment share some characteristics with the Gothic literature genre, like ghosts, ghouls, and headless spirits that may haunt the main characters throughout the story.
Gothic literature has a long history dating back to the 18th century. The term “Gothic” originates or comes from the ornate architecture created by Germanic tribes called the Goths. It was then later expanded to include most of the medieval style of architecture. The ornate and intricate style of this kind of architecture proved to be the ideal backdrop for both the physical and the psychological settings in a new literary style, which concerned itself with elaborate
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Although Bram Stoker, an Irish author from the mid- to late-19th century, wrote his novel in 1897, his infamous main character has made a lasting impression on literature. Dracula was the first significant vampire in literature and has served as a template for all the vampires who have come after him.
Jonathan Harker goes to Transylvania to help Count Dracula buy an estate in England. While he is at the castle a lot of strange things happen. His fiancée Mina and her friend Lucy exchange letters back home. Lucy starts acting weird and her friend Doctor Seward examines her. He can’t figure out what’s wrong and brings in his friend, a famous doctor, Van Helsing. Van Helsing eventually believes that Lucy has been bitten by a vampire. All the men in the book give Lucy their blood, but nothing works and eventually, after a lot of creepy behavior, she dies. They find out that she’s undead, a vampire. They have to kill her by driving a stake through her heart. She is finally able to rest in peace. They realize that Dracula is behind all this and hunt him down. Mina falls under his spell and they hypnotize her so that they can track him down. This works and they finally catch up to him while he tries to go back to the castle. They kill him there and he turns to
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