Gothic Elements In Emily Bront�'s Wuthering Heights

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The extract I am going to analyse belongs to the novel Wuthering Heights, the only novel written by Emily Brontë and considered to be a classic of the English Literature. Emily Brontë (1818-1848) was an English writer and poet, and member of the Brontë family, in which some of them were also writers such Charlotte Brontë or Anne Brontë.
Regarding the genre, Wuthering Heights is a Gothic novel since we can find supernatural elements, cruelty, passion, or a dark atmosphere. There are examples of Gothic elements in this extract such as ‘’the bleak atmosphere of the chamber’’ and ‘’the delirium was not fixed’’. But also the novel is a realist fiction because of the incorporation of actual details and how it focuses on the relationships between the characters.
This novel belongs to Victorian period. The Victorian literature borrowed its name from Queen Victoria. In the Victorian period, important changes took place such as the improvements of the technology to increase factory production or the appearance of a middle class. Also there were scientific advancements with Darwin’s theories, among other happenings.
The analysed excerpt is in the first volume, chapter XII. There, Catherine locks herself in a room and refuses to eat because Edgar made her choose between him and Heathcliff. Eventually, she lets the servants to bring her food. Catherine believes she is dying and wonders why Edgar does not visit her. Because of her weak condition, Catherine believes she can see
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