Gothic Elements In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Gothic literature is generally a dreary, dark world where monsters can exist. Curses, prophecies, damsels in distress, heros, romance, and death; these are all things that can tag along with gothic literature. In the book Frankenstein you can see many of these elements show through, for instance the atmosphere the book carries is very dark, and gloomy. Another case can be shown by the monster that Dr. Frankenstein brings to life, monsters being a common appearance in many gothic stories. Lastly one could compare gothic literature to Frankenstein through the romantic symbolism shown by the death of the innocent.
In Frankenstein the atmosphere that it wishes the reader to assume is very clear. It wishes to emit a dark, gloomy atmosphere that
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It was not only the deaths that had romantic symbolism, Frankenstein himself died. For example Frankenstein went against his father's wishes and became an alchemist, which showed rebellion against a person in power. The romanticism shown through death is caused by the emotions that people felt after they happen, whether it was fear, anger, or sadness. The monster also showed romantic feelings through his actions of wanting a mate, and what he had done once he had found out that Frankenstein had killed it upon creation. That brings up another point of the emotions that Frankenstein felt that led him to kill the monsters mate, he felt like he felt like it would be a curse on humanity if it existed. Lastly a good example of romanticism in Frankenstein is the way the monster treated Victor Frankenstein. The way he acted towards him was like exaggerated form of a child lashing out against his father, he came into he never did anything to directly hurt Frankenstein but he would lash out and in this case, the monster killed Frankenstein's loved ones. You can see how the monster really think of Frankenstein after he find him dead. It was at that moment that the reader truly realizes that all the monster wanted was love, the love that his father refused to give him in any form, after that the monster kills
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