Gothic Fiction : A Rose For Emily And The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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On the corner of every block, there is usually one house that gives an impression of an eerie, disturbing and frightening realm that seeps out and surrounds the entire street and leaves a fog of gloom around the landscape of the area. Typically, the individuals who inhabit this type of atmosphere tend to be people who have an underlying secret, who are in distress, have intense emotion or who are involved in strange and unusual events. This type of atmosphere is known as gothic fiction which appears in gothic novels. According to the dictionary, gothic fiction is” a genre of fiction characterized by mystery and supernatural horror, often set in a dark castle or other medieval settings.” In the short stories “A Rose for Emily” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” there are elements of gothic fiction in the characters and setting. The components of gothic fiction in the stories include gloomy settings, decaying mansions, an atmosphere full of mystery and suspense along with distress in characters. Not only do these stores foresee tragic events but they are flowing with gloom and despair.
The story “A Rose for Emily” begins with Emily the protagonist Emily’s funeral and a reminiscence of events that occurred in Emily’s lifetime. Emily’s father who was a southern aristocrat, believed there was no man who could ever be suitable to marry his daughter. The very first episode that caused Emily a great amount of grief is the struggle she encounters with the death of her father,…
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