Gothic Horror Literature Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Gothic horror literature has induced feelings of fear, shock, and abhorrence to many readers since the eighteenth century. American writer, editor, critic, and poet, Edgar Allan Poe became a highly influential figure in the world of literature and is one of the first writers to develop this genre of fiction and horror. He is best known for his short stories that capture many gothic horror elements. In Poe’s popular short stories “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” Poe can be described as a Gothic writer by exploring themes of death and darkness, madness and helplessness, supernaturalism and setting and architecture, in order to reverse the norms of rationality as illogical and unexplainable events generate fear in the reader.
For many centuries, people have had a morbid desire to explore the realms of death and darkness; As a result, death and murder became a staple in Gothic writing and a key feature in many of Poe’s stories. Additionally, death is the ultimate unknown which is why it is portrayed in “The Tell-Tale Heart” as the narrator resolves to murder his victim because he is afraid of the old man’s eyes “resembl[ing] that of a vulture”(138). He does so in a gruesome manner by suffocating the old man with a mattress, dismembering his body, and proceeds to hide the remains under the floorboards. In the Gothic age, one of the greatest fears was anything that threatens reason; Consequently, Poe creates this horrid murder as it highlights

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