Gothic Literature : Gothic Writing

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Southern style gothic literature, which is a smaller genre of Gothic writing as a whole, is particular to the South. This style of literature has similar aspects to Gothic lit. It concentrates on subject matter like afterlife, absurdity, and paranormal while having numerous cryptic, unusual, brutal, and distorted aspects. These aspects are used as tools "to explore social issues and reveal the cultural character of the American South (Wikipedia)." Authors of Southern Gothic style literature use imperfect characters to amplify the stories they write, and to display more profound focal points of distasteful southern traits. The characters are normally different from others in their society based on their psychological, physical, and or communal disabilities. Nonetheless not all the prospects of the characters are amiss "it is more often the case that a mixture of good and bad is found in most of the characters (McFLY)" The writers of these stories give the main character a few good attributes; this lends itself to the reader finding compassion and perspective for the character. Some Southern gothic authors are William Faulkner, who wrote "A Rose for Emily", and Flannery O 'Conner, who wrote "Good Country People" and "A Good Man is Hard to Find". William Faulkner 's "A Rose for Emily" is an example of Southern Gothic literature. It covers many prospects of Southern Gothic style writing, like an old unlit home, afterlife, unidentified, freaky events, and Miss.
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