Gothic Literature : The Black Cat

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Have you ever heard of Gothic literature? Gothic literature, also known as Gothic fiction, is the genre of combined fiction, horror and Romanticism. Examples of Gothic literature are Frankenstein, The Castle of Otranto and Dracula. As well as these pieces, one of the famous pieces of Gothic literature is The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe. The Black Cat is the short story about the unnamed narrator in the jail who is about to die in the next day. From the young age, the narrator loves pets that when he gets older, he still lives with various species of animals. However, he becomes very aggressive when he gets drunk and he later commits murder of his cat as well as his wife. At the end, his sin is revealed and he goes to jail and is in situation of punished to death. This literature piece definitely belongs to the Gothic genre. This is because the atmosphere of mystery and suspense is present in the story, there are common vocabularies of gothic and there are supernatural and inexplicable events. First of all, The Black Cat is associated with the Gothic literature because there is the atmosphere of mystery and suspense. The story contains a threatening mood and a fear throughout. An ancient prophecy as well as omen, portents and visions are contributors to this atmosphere in the work. The mysterious and suspenseful aura causes the reader to become sensitive and scared of upcoming event. In The Black Cat, there is the atmosphere of mystery and suspense as the narrator leads up

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