Gothic Literature: The Boogeyman By Stephen King

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'So nice,' the boogeyman said as it shambled out. It still held its Dr Harper mask in one rotted, spade- claw hand.

The gothic story, The Boogeyman by Stephen King, was about a man, Lester Billings, who's children had been killed by the boogeyman. It is written to tell the story by Billings explaining his experiences to Dr. Harper. The story includes various elements of gothic literature such as strong emotions, characters in distress, romance, and monsters.

The Boogeyman included romance, for Billings had a wife, Rita, who had given birth to all of his children that had died. Romance is when two characters feel strong love for each other. "'She still loved me,' Billings said with pride. 'She still wanted to do what I told her. That's
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Strong emotions could be of sadness, happiness, or it could be some form of madness and hysteria. "'But I couldn't,' the childish breaking treble continued, 'I couldn't. And an hour later there was a scream. An awful gurgling scream. And I knew how much I loved him because I ran, in, I didn't even turn on the light, I ran, ran, ran, oh, Jesus God Mary, it had him; it was shaking him, shaking him just like a terrier shakes a piece of cloth and I could see something with awful slumped shoulders and a scarecrow head and I could smell something like a dead mouse in a pop bottle and I heard . ." Billings was terrified for his child. He loved Andy very much and was afraid of the boogeyman, so when he saw the monster attacking his son, he was horrified that he was watching his child be murdered by a creature that had killed all of the other children before…show more content…
A monster can be considered inhuman, something scary that would hurt people. "'So nice,' the boogeyman said as it shambled out. It still held its Dr Harper mask in one rotted, spade- claw hand." This was at the end, where Dr. Harper had been revealed to be the boogeyman in disguise. While the creature was not described in detail in this particular scene, it had been an ending twist, which had shown that the monster had been following Billings.

To summarize, The Boogeyman had included multiple gothic elements, which made it so the story could be considered as gothic literature. The story had included romance between the main character and his wife, their children in distress before being murdered, strong emotions of fear, and monsters. The story was centered around Billings, who was followed by the

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