Gothic Short Story

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Emma Barrett
Rain hit my head, raced down my face and back. We trudged through the mud, sinking in our boots feet deep. All we could see was our breathe, all we could hear was the wind slapping against the trees, rain hitting, and our boots squishing in the mud. We expected the weather to be like this, the weather channel had been going crazy all week about a storm passing through our way around 5 pm today. Just as predicted the rain became heavier, fog thicker, and sky darker. But our search group did not give up; we had been searching months for the beloved missing girl named Emma Barrett in the Elliott State Forest in Oregon. She was last scene heading into the forest with her parents on a Tuesday afternoon for a hike, hours
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The group searches for months, and only finds a scrape of pink cloth. The story doesn’t reach it’s climax, or falling action, until Holden discovers a light seeping through the dark forest and uncovers the location of Emma and her true state.
Throughout the story only three characters are mentioned by name – Holden, Gregory, and Emma. Holden is the narrator of the story, we don’t get much description of his physical appearance but through the telling of the story the reader can determine a few personality traits in Holden, such as – his determination and curiosity. His determination is depicted by him remaining in the month long search for Emma Barrett; his curiosity is depicted by him running towards the light towards the end of the story. Gregory is a minor character in the story, the only knowledge the reader has of Gregory is his occupation as the search party group leader. Readers could be able to tell Gregory is supportive because of his remark “good work today,” to Holden on finding the scrape of pink cloth. Lastly is Emma, the story reveals few characteristics of Emma. The story reveals Emma is six years old, and was last seen wearing a pink jacket. At the end of the story the only physical characteristics of Emma is her red eyes and body covered in blood.
The setting of the story takes place in Elliott State Forest, which is located in Oregon. To create a gothic short story creating a dark setting is
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