Gottschalk Case Summary

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Regarding our partial discussion on Patents. I spoke to my patent attorney regarding what reveal at this time, you may recall I stopped short of explaining "Machine or Transformation Test" and how it relates to Gottschalk v. Benson which made software patents feasible. See below

“ The Court looked to Gottschalk v. Benson and Parker v. Flook, and noted that both had explicitly refused to rely on the machine-or-transformation test as the sole test for patent eligibility.[4][5]

The Court also rejected a categorical exclusion of business method patents "

Regarding your inquiry of SIMP patent rights

Our patents are based on recent well documented precedence, purposely constructed to exclude major parts of our formula and methods necessary
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All this being said, I fully agree with your assertion, despite having more than enough reserves to fight common copy cat legal battles, Patents would be useless against the big boys who have 10s of millions of dollars at their disposal. Hence the reason our revenue platform was designed to offer both our software and quantitative services for free to all institutions. You questions are not only welcome they are very much appreciated. Keep them coming for they expose the fact we have left very little to chance.

I will be returning to Boston from NYC next week lets touch based then.

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